SecondBite Harvest for Hunger - Volunteer Opportunity


By Amanda Bailey, SecondBite

APRIL 3, 2017

We would love to invite and make you aware of a great volunteer opportunity we have coming up and helping us to recruit some volunteers for a day of picking apples.

Overall I need to secure 75 SecondBite volunteers for the day’s picking. We are of course are sending this to all our corporate partners and some individuals who have been wanting a volunteer experience. 

So the back story is that Montague is a massive supporter of ours donating thousands and thousands of apples, pears and stone fruit every week for our distribution to people in need across Victoria. 

On Monday 3rd April one of Montague’s suppliers is opening up his orchard to SecondBite volunteers to harvest apples as a donation and engagement opportunity for SecondBite supporters. Gold! 

It will be a day of hard work as the estimate is that each volunteer will pick 400 kilograms of apples. That said, it will be fun, provide a great insight into the surplus that defines a farmers world and spotlight the huge opportunity that exists to redirect surplus for good cause i.e. feeding those in need. All of these harvested apples will be donated to SecondBite for distribution to people in need nationally.

It would be a great team volunteering opportunity for those members (1) who might be up for the challenge and (2) have the opportunity to volunteer on a work day.  


Monday 3rd April from 10am-3pmVernview Orchard, 75 Gembrook Road, Launching Place  (60 min drive from CBD Melbourne)

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