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Rotary District 9800 Leadership

Rotary District 9800 is led by its District Governor. The Governor is directly responsible to the Board of Rotary International for the administration of the District.

The Governor is Chairperson of the District Board, which comprises the Immediate Past District Governor, the Governor Elect, Governor Nominee, District Secretary (Public Officer), Treasurer, Rotary Foundation Director, Governance Director, Membership Director, Director of Public Image & Communications, Co-Ordinator of Assistant Governors, Vice Governor, and District Secretary Elect.

Separately, the District Leadership Team includes the Governor, Governor Elect & Governor Nominee, together with the Secretary & Treasurer, Assistant Governors, District Directors, Avenues of Service Chairs, and Chair of Learning & Leadership Development.

The District also has the following District Officers: Auditor, Resolutions/Manual of Procedure, Protection, Insurance, Legal, and District Conference.

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World Literacy Month    

By Murray Verso, Rotary District 9800 Governor

For 110 years, Rotarians have served in countless ways and I continue to be amazed at the myriad of service projects planned and carried out by individual Rotarians and clubs. However, Rotary now encourages clubs to focus their efforts, particularly those involving international service, in six critical areas.


DG MESSAGE for FEBRUARY NETWORKER (World Understanding Month)    

Rotary Friends and Friends of Rotary,

Rotary believes that the citizen who best serves his country is the one who wishes to know the truth about his neighbours, and who desires to replace hatred between nations with friendship.

–George C. Hager, RI President 1938-39


DG MESSAGE for DECEMBER NETWORKER (Family of Rotary Month)    

For most of us, December is usually a month of celebration. It is a month of merry-making, of greetings and gift giving, of colourful decorations and sparkling lights, of eating and drinking and lots of fun and laughter. The Festive Season is also an opportune time for Rotarians to reflect on how well off most of us are and what is important to us in life – our family, our friends, our work colleagues, our vocations, our personal comfort, wealth and material possessions. Perhaps it is our physical, mental and spiritual health.

But December is not the same for everyone. In many parts of the world people still battle daily with issues of conflict, poor economic circumstances, disease, malnutrition, illiteracy, lack of fresh water and poor sanitation.


The importance of The Rotary Foundation    

Rotary Friends and Friends of Rotary

“The world would not be where it is without Rotary, and it won’t get where it needs to go without Rotary. You have so much to offer. – Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 21 January 2009

During the month of November Rotarians set aside time to reflect on the importance of The Rotary Foundation. Through our Foundation’s six areas of focus, we distribute medical equipment, build schools, provide clean water, improve sanitation, control disease, provide microcredit, enhance literacy, plant seeds for food, restore dignity, assist refugees, and simply bring hope to the world. The list of Rotary projects is almost endless because the needs of the world are almost unlimited. Is it any wonder that Rotary’s great friend and partner in the eradication of polio, Bill Gates, thinks so highly of our organization?


October is Vocational Service Month    

District Governors October Message

Rotary Friends and Friends of Rotary

“The only unique feature of Rotary is vocational service; everything else that we do is repeated by some other organization. If we have a special message or mission in the world that is unique to ourselves, it lies only in the realm of vocational service.” - T.A. Warren, Past RI President 1945-46

Traditionally, Rotarians set aside October as the month to showcase our second avenue of service, Vocational Service. It is possibly the least understood of our five avenues of service and for this reason it is often overlooked as an area of activity within our club


Youth Leadership - Challenging the Next Generation    

District Governor Murray Verso's September Message

The former President of the Unites States Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” I often think of this quote whenever Rotary’s youth programs are discussed.

The years of youth can be an emotional, intense roller coaster. It is the stage of life when elation soars highest and frustration can swoop to its lowest depths. Young people need time to talk, to plan, to mature and to learn that their boundless energy can be transformed into something of benefit for those in need. Through its various programs, Rotary can play a valuable role in guiding and developing our young people.


Join Leaders, Share ideas, Take Action    

Recently, I heard of a businessman from the United States who was staying in Melbourne for a few days. He happened to be staying with a Rotarian who took the opportunity to take him along to his local Rotary club. The American was impressed by the friendliness shown to him at the club meeting and was even more overwhelmed when he learnt of the breadth of the club’s service work. Surprisingly, he had never heard of Rotary before, and yet, he came from Chicago, the home of Rotary.

Rotary’s public image and membership development go hand in hand. Too many people – even well educated, well informed people – have no idea what Rotary is.


Rotary District 9800 Strategic Plan 2014-2017    

The District 9800 Strategic Plan for 2014-2017 has just been completed. It is modelled on Rotary International’s Strategic Plan and has three priorities:

Support and strengthen our clubs
Focus on and increase humanitarian service
Enhance our public image and awareness of Rotary

Strategic planning gives our District and our Clubs the elements needed for success: a shared vision, agreed goals, adequate resources, enthusiasm and commitment. I urge you to read the District 9800 Strategic Plan and use it as a basis for your club’s own strategic planning.


Welcome to a New Rotary Year    

The Rotary Wheel has turned again. Welcome to a new Rotary year. Our annual changeover of office bearers enables Rotary clubs and Rotary districts around the world to refocus, to reenergize and to rejuvenate. It enables new leaders to develop and emerge and it cultivates new ideas, new projects and new approaches within our great organization.

Irene and I feel enormously honoured and privileged to be leading District 9800 throughout the 2014-2015 Rotary year.  Our District’s record of service is second to none.  Over the past few weeks, we have experienced much warmth and hospitality at the 28 club changeover functions we have attended.


June - the month of Rotary Fellowship    

The final month of every Rotary year is Fellowship Month. This is a fitting designation since fellowship is particularly to the forefront with changeovers being very much the priority in June.

Fellowship is of course one of the five core values of Rotary, the others being service, diversity, integrity and leadership. Yet in so many clubs there is a real objection to the use of the word “fellowship” and I know of some clubs where the use of the word will require the person concerned to make a donation to the fines box.


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