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Toronto 2018 Information Session    

Date: Saturday 28 October, 2017 

Time: 10.00am – 11.30am 

Presentation by On to Convention Chair, Kevin Beagle (RC Port Melb) a Toronto local who has attended many International Conventions. He will give insights into making the most of your trip, local highlights and the many options available for extended travel 

Come and find out how you can join other Rotarians from around the world in Toronto Canada for the RI Convention


Swinburne BeCollective    

The District Vocational Service team is involved with Swinburne University in a win-win collaboration. We approached Swinburne University where final year students are given the option to tackle real business problems as a final year subject. And we had such a problem - finding a low cost sustainable information management system to support our Skillsbank project.


Bacchus Marsh Battery Replacement Saves Lives    

With the assistance of the Bacchus Marsh Fire Brigade, members of the Rotary Club of Bacchus Marsh have completed a marathon battery replacement program, visiting and replacing the batteries in smoke alarms in the town’s senior citizens.


HoMie—Champion of the Homeless    

Nick Pearce a 24-year-old Box Hill resident, was recently awarded for his dedication to the homeless cause by taking out the Victorian Young Achiever Award for leadership.


Reporting volunteer hours and service project contributions    

Are you curious about what RI President Ian Riseley means when he talks about reporting volunteer hours and service project contributions in Rotary Club Central? Reporting service projects and volunteer service hours is one of the two required activities for achieving the Rotary Citation.. 

RI President Ian has put out a Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet to help you better understand what it means and why it is important.

Posted by Club and District Support Co-ordinator Barbara Mifsud on Facebook


Around the clubs    

Rotarians from Central Melbourne tree planting in Benalla. "Our aim was to plant 60 trees on behalf of the club. It wasn’t too long before we stopped counting the holes we dug because we reckon we dug close to 350 holes and contributed to the planting of over a thousand trees.

For more updates from Rotary Club Hawthorn, Brighton, Central Melbourne, Keilor East, Daylesford, Yarra Bene & Melton, 


Vale Claude Bury - Rotary Club of Williamstown    

Members and friends of the Rotary Club of Williamstown were saddened to learn of the passing of our long serving member, Claude Bury, on 29th September. Claude joined the club in 2002 but prior to that he had been a member of the Rotary Club of Laverton from 1990 until 2002.


VALE Christopher de Fraga - Rotary Club of Balwyn    

Balwyn Rotary’s gentleman and motoring writer, Christopher de Fraga, died peacefully at Cabrini on 1st October 2017 after losing his battle with cancer.


Canterbury Cyclists Around the Bay    

By Max Holland, Rotary Club of Canterbury

Each week Canterbury Rotary Club members and friends who are cyclists set out for a day’s ride on the off-road cycle paths of Melbourne. They catch trains to the agreed starting point and then ride for about 40km to a venue for lunch.


Sustainable Community Cambodia    

Brighton Rotary making more change for the greater good

Brighton Rotary’s Sustainable Community Cambodia Committee have managed to raise $52,750 USD and nearly doubled this to $99,000 USD - $125,000 AUD - with a Rotary Foundation International Global Grant for an exciting humanitarian project.


The Power of Partnerships in Rotary    

By Ian Riseley, Rotary International President

I'd like to talk to you about the power of partnerships. While we are motivated to do good in our local and global communities and have the resources to do so, joining forces with like-minded organizations helps strengthen Rotary’s presence around the world. The greatest impact can be achieved by working together.


Rotary International President’s Call to End Polio Now    

October Presidential Message - Ian Riseley - Rotary International President.

Some years ago in the Melbourne, Australia, museum where my daughter used to work, an iron lung was on display. For most people my age who remembered the terrifying Polio epidemics of the 1950s, that iron lung was a testament to how far vaccination had brought us: to the point where that once-critical piece of medical equipment had literally become a museum piece.


From country doctor to international epidemiologist    

What made Gates Foundation polio eradication director drop his country doctor dream to become an international polio crusader

By Jay Wenger with Steve Almond

At the Rotary International Convention in June, Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation renewed their long-standing support for ending Polio in dramatic fashion: Rotary committed to raising $50 million per year over the next three years, with every dollar to be matched with two additional dollars from the Gates Foundation.


Ron Devereaux reflects on 50 Years of Rotary Service    

Ron Devereaux, a well respected member of the Rotary Club of Bendigo South reflects on his 50 years of Service to Rotary.


Prahran Homework Club in the News    

Article from the Huffington Post, Associate Editor, Libby-Jane Charleston

Rotary Prahran Homework Club is a treasured local initiative providing assistance for kids who are having a hard time with their school work. For children whose parents are unable to help with the homework load due to a lack of English language skills or issues ranging from domestic violence to drug abuse, the Rotary Club of Prahran has a great solution.


Who’s for an omelette?    

By Mark Huddleston, Membership and Pubic Relations Chair, District 9520

It’s not like we need any reminding, but if Rotary’s membership in Australia continues to decline at the current rate, we’ll be in serious strife within 5 years. We are being buffeted by a perfect storm of ageing and declining membership, questionable relevance and a platform that venerates meetings over service. As it stands, I feel our chances of turning things around are slim, but not impossible.

But the chances of turning things around AND keeping everyone happy are somewhere between Buckley’s and none. When faced with a choice between comfort and progress, too many Rotarians are choosing comfort. And for those who refuse to choose, comfort (and therefore, inaction) wins by default. How many times, not just in our Rotary journeys, have we really wanted to be bold and give something a try, but we’ve either not been prepared to speak up, or we’ve been beaten into submission by proponents of the status quo? 


Seven Women’s New Cooking School is nearing completion     

Construction of the new Seven Women Cooking School began back on the 25th April 2017 with the demolition of the building on the property. Work then began to replace it with a fit for purpose building to enable Seven Women to cater for the ever growing number of class sizes. 


Philippines Eye and Ear Project    

President Rob Simpson from Rotary Club of Canterbury has reported back to the club on the current visit to Palawan where he is working with 4 ENT students to screen children for eye and ear problems. 

This is a project supported by a District Foundation Grant with the opportunity for further grant support.


Steps Outreach Service    

Steps Outreach Service has been running for over 30 years. The program provides a social worker to get in touch with young homeless persons who hangs around the steps in front of Flinders Street Station. Steps’ social workers supports those young people where they can. Many young people’s lives have changed for the better through this amazing program. The program manager, Anne Mitchell, started as a volunteer with the program in 1985 and has made a significant contribution ever since.


Rotary Club of Richmond support Kiva    

At their meetings, the Rotary Club of Richmond takes a novel approach to thanking their Guest Speakers. They present them with a Kiva advance to a charitable cause that suits their topic. This is usually $25 and changes lives.


North Melbourne Rotary provides awards to local community volunteers at Annual Phonse Tobin Awards    

2018 will mark the 25th Anniversary of the Annual Phonse Tobin Award, created in honour of Phonse Tobin, former member of the Rotary Club of North Melbourne (and former President of the North Melbourne Football Club.) The annual event created in recognition of his contribution to the community of North Melbourne, continues his legacy and recognises volunteers in the community who actively serve their community.



You will not believe this is Melbourne!!!

Sitting up high in a multi storey building with great views is one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets.  A converted storage space has been magnificently transformed into a Manhattan style exhibition, as you would expect to see in the Arts district in New York.

NOW ON SALE: "Horses for Causes" is a last opportunity to purchase a life size sculptured painted horses. All proceeds of the sale will go to support the work of Violence Free Families.



Southbank Millennial Board Opportunity    

Born in the 80’s & 90’s – Want to really make a difference in your community?

Rotary Club of Southbank are looking to recruit people who were born in the 80’s and 90’s to join a new millennial board of 9-15 people to develop two initiatives that will benefit the community of Southbank under the leadership and support of member James Piplios who is an alumni of the Williamson group. James is experienced in training people to become board members and directors.


Lift the Lid … a campaign that really matters    

By Greg Ross, Rotary Club of North Balwyn, Australian Rotary Health

Having been the celebrant at over a thousand funerals, which involves meeting and talking with the families prior to the service, I have seen a lot of family grief. Nothing is more shattering than the suicide death of a daughter or son.

The occasion I remember most was the totally unexpected action taken by a young man, well off, outgoing, with the world in front of him.


Emergency Relief Food Pack - FORaMEAL    

The Rotary Club of Canterbury supplies nutritious foods to people in need. These people are those in a crisis situation arising from natural disasters like droughts, floods, earthquakes, typhoons and fires. The products are classified as Fortified Blended Foods (FBF) by the United Nations World Food Program


1,717 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 76 - 100