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Networker 2016-17 Edition 11 - Open Gardens    

Rotary's top priority is the eradication of Polio, but our members take on far greater responsibilities to fight disease. We set up health camps and training facilities in undeveloped countries and in communities struggling with HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

We design and build the infrastructure for doctors, nurses, governments, and partners to reach the one in six people in the world who can't afford to pay for health care.

And we engage local people right in in our own back yard.

This week's Networker features these and many other projects as well as the Garden Design Fest which has now run for the last 14 years.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 10 - A foundation for hope    

“Foundation Month” has a special focus in this Centennial year of The Rotary Foundation, which has shined a spotlight on its architect, Arch Klumph who was RI president in 1916-17. He has been perhaps less well known than he should have been, although he his name is enshrined in The Arch Klumph Society, which recognises those who donate more than US$250,000 to The Rotary Foundation.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 9 - Responsible Business    

THis weeks's Networker celebrates the achievments of a number of key projects run by our district icluding the upcoming awarding of a Responsible Business Award to Melboourne Rotarian Stephanie Wollard and the successful running of our annual Paint your Pinkie day for World Polio Day and Australian Rotary Health's 'Lift the Lid' on Mental Illness.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 8 - Vale Tangles (1948-2016) - ROMAC Ambassador    

Vale Max Walker. Over many years Max freely gave his timeto help raise awareness and funds for many life saving surgeries conducted by Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children, which assists children in need from developing countries. Max was more than an ambassador, he was a dream maker. One of those people who gave others hope and dignity through being part of Rotary's huge powerful network. Rotarians in District 9800 acknowledge Max for all that he has done to help others. Our condolences to the Walker family.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 7 - Post Grand Final Edition    

Economic and community development is one of Rotary’s six areas of The Rotary Foundation’s focus.

Nearly 1.4 billion employed people live on less than $1.25 a day. Rotary members promote economic and community development and reduce poverty in underserved communities through training, well-paying jobs, and access to financial management institutions.

Projects range from providing people with equipment to vocational training. We work to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women in impoverished communities.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 6 - Rotary's New Media    

In the world of Paul Harris, before building a public toilet in Chicago, his Rotary Club passed around a hat to raise funds for their first community project in 1906. Fellow Rotarian Dr Clark Wilder Hawley, collected $150 at a club meeting to purchase a horse for a needy young doctor whose horse had died to enable him to continue to make home visits. Today, just as doctors no longer use horses to make home visits, our world has changed in many other ways.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 5 - Keeping Fit    

Highlights of this edition include the opening of new FitUse Store in Werribee, Rotary's role along with Victoria Police in finding missing persons and One Rotarian's proud record of giving 700 blood donations.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 4 - Together everyone achieves more    

In this the centennial year of the Rotary Foundation, We also celebrate the work the clubs achieve through their fundraising efforts.  And none more comes to mind than the work of the Rotary Club of Camberwell with the annual Art Show which is now in its 51st year.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 3 - Vibrant Clubs    

With the simple aim this year for each club to be stronger on 1 July 2017 than on 1 July 2016, the first strategic pillar of ‘strengthening our clubs’ is an important one.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 2 - Celebrate the Centenial of the Rotary Foundation    

Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Ray Klinginsmith addressed district governors at the 2016 International Assembly in relation to the celebration of the Foundation's centennial year, 2016-17. Since the Foundation was established in 1917, it has spent more than US$3 billion on programs and projects to improve the lives of millions worldwide, said Klinginsmith. The centennial celebration officially kicked off in May 2016 at the Rotary Convention in Korea and culminates at the 2017 convention in Atlanta.


Networker 2016-17 Edition 1 - Rotary Engaging Humanity    

Each new Rotary year all Rotarians confirm their commitment to Rotary’s official motto of ‘Service above Self’ and there is a different theme to provide a new focus and inspiration to support the work of Rotarians. Every Rotary year builds on the year before it and is a base for the next. The District Changeover lunch on 26 June from Julie Mason to me was a wonderful occasion and demonstrated the close working relationship of our Governor train, which ensures consistency in the implementation of the District strategic plan and the support provided to our clubs.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 22 - Rotary Fellowships    

Three years ago my life changed considerably when I was selected to be a District Governor in Rotary. People often wonder how the process of selection works and indeed it seems that in our District past and current leaders take it upon themselves to approach people they believe will do a good job! After two years of such approaches I decided to nominate and secured the support from the members of the most amazing Club, Wyndham Rotary. A rigorous selection process conducted by a panel of seven past District and Club leaders determined that this country girl who still goes to school would be a District Governor in the largest District in Australia.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 21 - Gangnam Rotary Style!    

Posted as an opportunity to Connect with Korea - Touch the World, this year's Rotary International Convention was a wonderful cultural experience of Korean people, an opportunity to understand their hopes for peace and bring together thousands of visiting Rotarians and their families from all corners of the globe united in the global theme of service.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 20 - Youth Services Month    

A lovely and pertinent saying is that ”It takes a village to raise a child” and I am convinced that our work in Rotary plays a significant role in creating opportunities for children to thrive and become caring, thoughtful citizens of the world.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 19 - Youth Services Month    

For the past forty three years I have spent my professional career working with young people and over time I have come to appreciate their ideas, initiative and passion that usually results in positive results for other young people or those in need. It was an honour to see the charter of the first EarlyAct Club in District 9800 at Baden Powell College. Whilst Interact is a Rotary International endorsed program, EarlyAct does not enjoy that status and perhaps that should change.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 17 - Busyfeet expands horizons with Dance    

BusyFeet is an activity designed to create a special place for children with disabilities through dance and music. Everyone is respected for their individual
ability, with ‘one on one’ support offered with entrance by Voluntary Gold Coin.

BusyFeet Stonnington began in February 2012 and has proven a great success.

BusyFeet is now a District Endorsed project of the Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern and has a Multi Club District Committee.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 16 - Golden Bendigo Conference    

The Conference Themes of Our Youth Our Future, Golden Rotary Moments, Joined up Partnerships and Innovative Leadership set the direction for some memorable speakers and in turn some thought provoking messages.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 15 - Water is the driving force of all nature - Leonardo da Vinci    

You know I remember vividly one morning when I woke up, turned on the tap in the shower and …no water. Down stairs to see what might be happening outside only to find many neighbours already there discussing the impact of the situation! We couldn’t fill the kettle to make a cup of tea, no shower today, no washing of clothes or the car! Disaster had struck in this part of our world, and then of course the water began to flow freely again. Once you stop and reflect we are so very lucky compared to others in other parts of our world.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 14 - Teaching Teachers in Cambodia    

As I sit and type, I see that it is less than a month until over 900 people come together in Bendigo for our District Conference. Given all the time taken in planning, and the cost of running this event I do reflect on the value if there is not a point of difference or challenge in the content of the Conference. For those attending we intend to be a little provocative, forward looking, musical, technological and add… Fun Inspiration Relevance Education….FIRE to your life.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 13 - Peace is its own Reward    

In this week’s Networker, we bring you a highlight of Rotary’s efforts towards Peace.

There are many ways as Rotarians that we can engage peace, not only on the world stage, but also within our communities; to find new ways of connecting with individuals and organisations and to find solutions to the challenges and differences of opinions that we often have.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 12 - Vocational Service Month    

I know many of you are enjoying a well-deserved break, and I hope nobody got silly or sick since the last Rotary meeting. But our reporting stalwarts have been working their keyboards to death to entertain you with the first “Networker” of 2016.

David Dippie, Matthew Scott, and Tony Thomas: you are paragons! Where would we be without your contributions?

Adrian Nelson sent us lots of photos of busy Rotarians doing what they do best. I know other clubs have been active too, so please send in some nice action shots: they may be suitable for the “Rotarian” Photo Contest.

But I particularly enjoyed Tony’s article on Rotary Friendship Groups, as I have a friend who went hot-air ballooning in Cappodocia, in Turkey. She said it was the best (and scariest) thing she had ever done, and that those Fairy Chimneys were the weirdest things ever! So think about a Rotary Friendship Exchange for your next trip.

Back to work now for everyone: let’s set our eyes on Bendigo for the 2016 Conference. Remember, as DG Julie said: ”You’ll never ever know, if you never ever go . . . .”

Ta-ta for now: Clarice.


Networker 2015-16 Edition 11 - Merry Christmas from DG Julie    

 “Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....”Dr Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


Networker 2015-16 Edition 10 - December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month    

In the olden days people died through starvation, a lack of cleanliness and medical knowledge. Now we have plenty of food, we wash our hands with soap, go to the doctor when ill and use all sorts of technology to diagnose and treat conditions that effect our quality of life. However in the western world our desire to live longer and better, has created life threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, Diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease.

So, is there really a role for Rotary in disease prevention and treatment and will we as Rotarians live long and healthy lives to enable us to take on such a role?


Networker 2015-16 Edition 9 - Seeds of Peace    

There is a great range of stories, from pirates to pop-up fashion. We reprint an article from The Local News about Daylesford’s French exchange student Cassandra Esquerré and we celebrate some recent big events for clubs, including Woodend’s Halloween Festival, Yarra Bend’s Emergency Service Awards, and the Chadstone Craft Market.


160 Networker Items found:      Showing Networker Items 26 - 50